Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Thoughts

A collection of my current whimsies.

1. Making these buns for the weekend.
2. Also making these and these.
3. Liking this homemade dishwasher detergent.
4. The Geranium Jubilee Dress that would make me feel jubilant.
5. Pick Your Plum updates are always welcome in my inbox.
6. I've been chewing on these words. And they taste good.
7. This made me laugh. Especially since I always thought unicorns pooped glitter.
8. Reading this book.
9. I used to be the queen of shrinky dinks. But I never made these!
10. Wouldn't this place make you happy?
11. Coolest ever.
12. If any body wants to buy some shoes for me, I'm an 8.5. Also, the rust color option is my favorite.


  1. I just read that book (your #8), and loved it!

  2. Ooh. Yes to the shoes. And I just had a memory of making shrinky dinks in our apartment together.