Tuesday, April 3, 2012

And it begins.

My summertime goal is to make our front porch a place I really, really want to be. It's south-facing, and we live in a yard without any trees. A great big yard without ANY trees. Anyway. The sun shines so bright on this porch that it's hard to be out there for long. You can't look toward a neighbor's house without being blinded, and that scruffy dog in the picture does not want to be there. He hates the sun. Hates it. So I bought some pole beans and morning glories, and am hoping they climb above that railing, and even beyond that. 

I am also on the search for thrifty wooden planters, and I found this kid's piano bench at this great little garage-sale-type store that is open only once each month. I would like to fill the front porch to overflowing with veggies and flowers.

Since we are having an unseasonably warm spring, the planting bug has bitten me. I started today by planting lettuce. I haven't had good luck with lettuce in the past, but I'm hoping quality seeds and dedicated, continual sewing will help.

I'll keep you posted on my front porch as it grows and, hopefully, grows and grows.