Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tiny Tea Leaves Sweater

So I struggled with this sweater, made a million mistakes, considered throwing it in the garbage disposal at one point ... and now I'm making one for me.

It's supposed to be 3/4 sleeved, but the aforementioned mistakes (and the incredible July heat) convinced me to cap them off there. The sweater for me will have 3/4 sleeves, and I even bought enough yarn to make another one for R.

Go ahead. Call me crazy.


  1. You ARE crazy :) Despite all the issues, I think it still looks great!

  2. Oh it's beautiful! Speaking of crazy mistakes, I remember once my grandmother made me a skirt I wore as a child that eventually ended up being too short for me. (I'm 56 now)

    It's a lampshade cover now. =) It's in storage now or I'd take a picture of it and show you... as it is the most beautiful lampshade cover e-vah!

    I love that sweater, glad you didn't "put it in the disposal", LOL!