Saturday, September 3, 2011

The First Day of Kindergarten

Here we are in this strange new place and everything, it seems, has been geared toward this moment:

The first day of Kindergarten.

This moment is so full of happy and sad. It's hard to believe there was a time that little girl would cry so hard she would vomit when she was separated from us. Like she does with most things these days, she approached kindergarten with gusto. She barely even paused to say goodbye and I think I might be the one with separation anxiety now. At least I managed to hold my tears off until I was almost - almost into my car.

There has been so much transition in the last month, and I'm proud of the way we handled it. My focus has been on family and togetherness. Summer is fleeting, and all these boxes we need to unpack are not going anywhere. This blog has been patiently waiting for me. The weather is still incredibly warm, but the leaves have started to change a bit and it's time to make this new place our home. 

I'm thankful for the routine that kindergarten will bring, looking forward to a fall crisp in the air, anticipating school functions, and apple harvest, and Halloween. We've been canning tomatoes, we made an attempt at crab-apple jelly, and I still hope to make strawberry jam if I can find some fall strawberries.

I can't let myself worry about all the fleeting moments, I'm having too much fun enjoying them.


  1. Did you make that dress? It's as adorable as she is.

    I can't believe our babies are in kindergarten!!

  2. What a cutie. She looks so excited!