Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The baffling concept of time and furniture.

Sometimes the whole concept of "time" baffles me. There are the obvious things, like I can't believe my little baby is 4.5. Soon she'll be 5 and ready for Kindergarten. There are the crazy things, like the fact that I am the person who hires a babysitter, while I still feel like I relate so much more to actually being a babysitter.

And then there are the baffling things, like why is my couch so stinking uncomfortable and ragged? Why are there stains all over it and tears at the seems? I got this couch when I first lived on my own, sans roommates; I paid a lot of money for it, bought it at a fancy place, and it should last me at least 10 years.

Realization strikes. That couch is more than 12 years old. Am I truly old enough to have a couch that old? Yowsa.

Buying new furniture is a pipe dream for us at this point, but that doesn't mean I don't spend my free time browsing all the modern furniture on the internet. It's not the thing for us to spend money on right now and even if it was, our apartment is temporary and it's smartest to wait until we are someplace more permanent. Regardless, I have this apartment planned and mapped out in my mind. If we moved this, bought this couch and that bookshelf, etc. we could probably live here forever.

This is a tangent, but lately I've been thinking about how it's so much more fun to creatively organize a small space than to have a large space that needs filling up. When we moved into this apartment, I was dumbfounded and Joel was more than a little concerned about how we'd fit. But we've made it work - and not only that, but we've made this a cozy and comfortable home that seems a lot bigger than it is.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see how long life keeps us in this place. Maybe long enough that we'll need to put a new couch in here. And, one day, that new couch will be that old ragged thing. Crazy to believe that I'll some day be old enough to have replacement furniture that's incredibly old.


  1. I love dreaming about stuff for the future, and also tend to freak out when i realize that the future is NOW!!!!!! :-)

    miss you kate, esp. on lj

  2. I was just thinking similar thoughts recently. I will have a 6 year old in two days!!! And it wasn't so long ago (or maybe it was) that I couldn't believe that people would pay me for the joy of playing with their cute kids, and being able to watch cable TV at their house, after the munchkins were asleep. Now, I can't believe someone wants to come play with my kids for so little. On second thought, maybe it's the Netflix movies on the Ipad that wins her over.

    It's fun reading your posts, Kate, as always!

  3. I could have written this post- I totally feel ya

  4. I completely understand Kate! :)

  5. I was just having this same conversation with a friend the other day. My step daughter is turning 18 this month and graduating HS. I was like Holy crap, I feel like i just left HS a few years ago, how is it possible I have a kid that is graduating??? So weird and so wonderful!

  6. Just don't even think about putting the old couch in my basement.

    Your mother

  7. I totally identify with what you are saying. We just downsized to a rental from a house and though we're quite happy with the smaller payment each month, it was interesting to try to cram into our space. You're right, though, it IS cozy, but in a good way. Oh, and slipcovers hide the transgressions of our almost 20-year-old hand me down couches. We're holding out for a new couch too, but those slipcovers sure help for now.