Monday, January 31, 2011

And she keeps on knitting

In order to fit into this Central Minnesotan town, and so that I can be part of the randomly scheduled Stitch-n-Bitch group where all the cool people hang out, I have to keep on knitting. I have a lot of sewing projects that I'm interested in, but the knitting projects are interesting too. Decisions, decisions.

Well, knitting wins over for now.

The local yarn store, Among the Pines, sometimes gives out free patterns and I was lucky enough to get a free pattern for this beautiful lacy 'Neck Ring Thing.'

Pictured is The Lovely Summer, a very dear friend of mine who recently turned 32 and needed a present. It's made out of Vintage Chunky yarn, which is so soft and feels so appealing on my fingers that I'd marry it, if I swung that way.


  1. Kate, That looks awesome! I wish I could have seen it up close. Have you ripped out yours yet?

  2. I ripped it out yesterday. Now to start over ...