Friday, June 4, 2010

Green Apple Dress

I have the luxury of an amazing little fabric store called Crafty Planet. Now that we moved to the "up north," it's no longer "local" for me. However, it's still a place I try to visit when the opportunity presents itself. In April, I got really motivated and took a class on the Amy Butler Sun Surf Halter pattern.

I thought the halter looked like a good summer addition to my wardrobe, but more importantly, I just wanted professional advice on how to read a pattern. I have this bad habit of not trusting my instincts, and I learned that pattern reading is much easier than it looks!

With much appreciated professional guidance, I made a lovely halter for myself. It was cute and fun, but even after following the instructors advice and making it a size smaller than I measured, it was still way too big. So, I did the next best thing and gave it away (without taking any pictures, tsk tsk!). One of these days I'd like to make another one for myself. I would make it the same size, but cut the elastic in the back by at least an inch.

The smallest size the pattern makes is a girls 7. I wanted to make one for Rosemary and also wanted to use up this scrumptious apple fabric, so I decided to go with the girls 7 and see if it would fit as a dress. Learning a lesson from my previous attempt at this pattern, I cut the length of elastic by more than an inch, but I otherwise left it the same.

It's a little short and a little baggy in the front, but I'm satisfied with it. Rosemary is ecstatic to have a dress where "her back hangs out." Who knew that would be such a selling point?

I wish it didn't bother me that it's so short. I keep reminding myself that back in the 40's and 50's little girls wore super short dresses all the time. I actually think the length is adorable, but knowing my little girl, she'll be showing off her Princess Ariel underwear every chance she can get. So, I think I may try my hand at a pair of cute little bloomers.

Have any of you tried this pattern? I find it a little disheartening that my first every attempt at pattern reading has such off measurements ...


  1. Very cute! Love the dress! (and the red fence)

  2. Kate - I think it's adorable. How about just a little pair of capri leggings or bike shorts with it. When are you coming down here for a week?


  4. mmm, hope I get to go to crafty planet this weekend. :) yay, how I love it. Fun to see that you live in msp, and that you went to Winona for school. I grew up in La Crescent, MN. wahoo for me. hahaha