Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm a winner, baby!

I don't know if you know this about me, but I tend to win things. I've won all sorts of jewelry, including a very pretty diamond necklace, an iPod shuffle, and, well, the list could go on and on. If there's a large giveaway and I don't win something, I am usually surprised (not to say it doesn't happen, but it's unlikely). Something about randomness and me get along. I should probably start buying lottery tickets (but I won't, because even though I tend to win things, I can't justify spending money to win them).

That said, I actually feel a little guilty about just how many things I won during the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway. I am sure I entered hundreds of giveaways, as did thousands of other handmade craft lovers out there, and I won ... FOUR of them. In the scheme of hundreds, four doesn't seem like that many. But knowing that many of you didn't win anything at all, I feel a little bad.

But not so bad as to not keep the awesome stuff I got.

I'll share them with you in the order I received them. The first, amazing, giveaway I won was from Rochelle at Three Turns to Home. She has a really cute blog and I'm incredibly impressed with her idea (or I guess it was her mom's idea) to embroider ants on some napkins. Truth be told, I'm impressed that she made her own napkins and then embroidered ants on them. I have been intending to make a stash of cloth napkins since, well, since I began cloth diapering.

Her giveaway? It was even more impressive. I decided to use a picture from her website since I just wasn't getting a good enough shot:

This is about the most generous giveaway that I saw on Giveaway Day. Not only did she make and give away a nice and sturdy tote bag, but also a makeup bag (that she embroidered Rosemary's name onto), a chapstick holder keychain (so perfect for me), and a towel monogrammed with any letter we like. The towel pictured above is not the one she made for us. But you get the idea.

I have already used and loved every one of these items. And the bag is impressive - it's been to the Y, to the beach, and to the corner produce stand where I bought 12 ears of corn and then walked home carrying them in her bag.

Thanks, Rochelle!


  1. Congratulations on winning. I also one a few things.


  2. FOUR things?
    You are lucky.