Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hippity Hop

Rosemary has been so excited to wear The Market Skirt that I made for her. It's a project I've wanted to undertake for nearly a year. One of the perks of finally being settled and content in a home is that lately I've been much better at actually doing instead of just wanting to do.

Rosemary was so excited for this skirt that she sat next to me the entire time I made it, "helping" me cut the fabric and even helping feed some of the fabric through the sewing machine. She picked out the blue umbrella buttons and waited patiently (who am I kidding, it wasn't with great patience) to wear this skirt on Easter.

For a novice like me, it was a pretty simple skirt to put together. You can find the tutorial here. I am planning to make another one soon. I made a couple of mistakes and am looking forward to fixing them. I may even make one for myself!


  1. Love love love it. I might have to make one soon...

  2. When did she all of a sudden grow up? I don't know if the pictures lately on the blog have just not shown her front on, but she is getting so big! Super cute skirt

  3. I know, Mollie. She is getting so big it is out of control.

  4. I like the first picture too much.