Monday, April 12, 2010

For all the little princesses

I'm excited to say that the last two gift-giving events of my life have had me giving home-made gifts. Gifts that I actually made myself. Finally, I'm starting to be more than "all talk."

First, a pinafore for a friend's baby shower. They are due very soon and I whipped this up. I won't give too many details since you've seen the pinafore before.

Next, I'm excited to share this toy that I made, which was inspired by this post on Soule Mama. Rosemary received The Princess and the Pea from her grandma last Christmas and has been absolutely enamored by the story.

I've been wanting to make her a toy to go with it for quite awhile, and her cousin Lily's birthday party was good inspiration (I made one for each). Rosemary helped me pick out the fabric and we sewed up the mattresses. I just followed a tutorial for fabric coasters and made the dimensions larger and rectangular.

Then, we went to the nearest craft store to pick out all the materials necessary for clothespin dolls ... which were so fun to make, I'm glad I had to buy everything in bulk!

The last step was to run over to the local bead store to pick out the bead that looked most like a pea. It was so fun to look at all the different green beads and compare them to a pea. In the end, I think Rosemary did a good job finding the best one.

We also knew that Lily didn't have The Princess and the Pea story, so we searched far and wide for this version, which I had been told is amazing. I have to agree. I will be giving it to my little princess for her upcoming birthday, and I believe it will be my go-to little girl birthday present. I highly recommend it. It's adorable and such a great telling of the story.


  1. so so cute. I've been wanting to make clothespin dolls but never have gotten around to it.

  2. This is so cute! You are doing exactly what I keeping thinking about! Good luck