Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Calendar: Day 2

Today's Advent surprise was a little less exciting, but just as happily received. A bag of M&Ms. And, in the interest of being economical, the M&Ms came from Halloween candy that has been long forgotten. Neither Rosemary or I have much of a sweet tooth, so we live in a house where candy can be long forgotten.

Anyway, there's not much purpose or reason to a bag of M&Ms, but I don't believe it all has to have a deep meaning. It's simply something that causes us to stop in the day, remember this season and what it's truly about, and then continue along with our day.

Our family is reading an Advent devotional together and today's was about justice and generosity. It talked about Jesus feeding so many people with just a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. We don't have to have much, we simply need to be generous with our giving and Jesus will take care of the rest. If the most generous we are able to be is one can of soup to a soup kitchen, Jesus can perform a miracle with that.

Today, I was reminded how absolutely, incredibly blessed I am. We have definitely been hit by this economy and sometimes, I tell you, it seems like it's unfairly difficult to us. We've gotten rid of many of our possessions, moved and moved again, found ourselves in need of less and less ... and it feels so good. The less I have, the less I realize I need. So in a sense, the less I have, the more I feel like I have. We've gotten a rid of a few things we very well may need in the future; and the question I've asked when it's time to get rid of these things is: God provided this for us when we needed it, don't we have faith He'll provide again?

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