Friday, February 13, 2009

Updatily Shmupdatily

The last couple weeks have been Mood-Swing-City for me. I have been going from happy to sad, sure to unsure, crystal-clear to confused. We've had to make some big, tough decisions and although I think we're making the right decision and I have a complete and total peace about it, the decisions still haven't been easy.

We hit a big wall with the sale of our house. An appraisal came back that valued our house at waaayyyyy less than we paid for it (mind you we bought it 5 years ago as a fixer-upper, so we've put a ton of work into it), and that puts us in a tough spot.

We're working with our bank and working with the people who made an offer, and we've decided not to let this great rental that we found go. So, we are moving and taking a big gamble that the sale of our house will go through. If it doesn't go through, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I'm really excited for what life in a small-town is going to be like. I think it's going to be a much-needed relaxer for our family. However, I'm really dragging my feet about moving. Once I'm moved, I intend to fully embrace our new life. But for now, it's really hard to let go.

I love my house. We moved here as a young married couple. We brought Little Puppy Owen home here, nursed him when he got his broken leg, trained him to do all sorts of amazing things like take a bow, play dead, sneeze on command, etc. Then we brought Rosemary home and the myriad of family memories that live inside these walls are hard to let go of. I am attached to this house. Attached to the paint colors, the decorations, the neighbors, and the streets. I understand that it's a part of life, but it's hard to give it up.

And it's especially hard to give it up under not-so-good circumstances. I completely understand it's the way the world is right now and I don't have regrets, nor do I think there was much we could have done differently. But it's frustrating to leave and know that this house is likely to sell to people who don't seem like good people. And, even worse, if they don't buy it, it may just sit empty.

This house has many flaws and I understand that. I'm pretty sure we know many people who think this isn't a great house. But let me tell you something, we could have been happy here for a long time. We're not moving because we want something bigger and better - we're moving for a career for my husband. It's a good decision, and it's what's best (and necessary) for our family.

So, that's where we're at. The next few weeks will be filled with packing, cleaning, and moving.

Say, is there anybody still out there? If you actually read this thing, drop me a line, okay?


  1. I'm here! I'm so sorry to read that things are so tough with the house... you aren't alone. A lot of folks are struggling with house selling/buying. Not that it makes it any easier. Best of luck with the process!

  2. Hang in there! Glad you could see us last week at Green Mill, hope your sinuses are better and the moving/closing/career all go smoothly.