Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking forward

Today I'm feeling pretty excited about our upcoming move. It's warmer. Spring is in the air. The move is getting closer and feeling less overwhelming. I am really excited for the sudden slow-down that is about to happen in our lives. For as long as I can remember, I have been a busy girl - sometimes so much so that I've genuinely believed I was cursed with busyness. That will stop. Soon.

I have a number of resolutions for this move that I feel in many ways will be a sabbatical for our family. Here they are:

1. Learn to better manage time.

2. Learn to cook, be confident with meal planning and preparation, learn more about the ingredients that we are using and choose those that will encourage a healthy lifestyle.

3. Garden. Plan and plant a real vegetable garden, grow organically, can, freeze, and preserve

4. Continue to Green my household, use earth and people friendly cleaners, etc.

5. Read more

6. Waste less time on facebook. Seriously.

7. Breathe slowly, relax, enjoy life.

I most definitely may add to this. But that's what we have for now.


  1. You jinxed the good weather and now it's snowing!

    Also, I think if you can accomplish #1 on your list #6 might go with it (and the other way around). Good luck!

  2. Katie, just dropping by your site being that we were talking about it yesterday. It was really nice to see you guys! I LOVE your list. You've got your priorities set straight and because of that, everything will work out (in God's time, of course) :o)

  3. Hey Katie,
    I like your goals/plans - I have a lot of similar ones. Can't do too much gardening other than container gardening since we're in the city for now, but I am excited to start canning!