Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quest for a Man hat

I made this hat as a fairly last minute Christmas present for my little brother. I found the pattern through Ravelry, and liked the looks of it. Berocco Vintage may very well be my favorite yarn, and I had an extra skein leftover from a sweater that I recently finished (more on that in the future).

All of the feedback on the hat was good. My husband (pictured) seemed a little disappointed that he didn't get to keep it. I remain a little undecided on whether or not it's a little too busy/bumpy. Regardless, it was fun to make and this was a good yarn for it. I tried it on myself and it didn't feel at all itchy, but felt like it was going to be nice and warm, with no need for a lining.

This is one of the first hats I've ever made, other than a cute little elf-like hat for a newborn baby. Do any of you other knitters out there have a favorite go-to hat?

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