Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To see the Summer Sky Is Poetry ~ Emily Dickinson

I wouldn't say, exactly, that I'm taking a summer hiatus ... however, my priorities this summer have been far away from the computer. As much as I love and value all my fellow bloggers, I've felt a push away from blogging and into playing with friends and neighbors, and trying to enjoy summertime as much as we can.

Regardless of the fact that it hardly seems real that summer has started - the high today is going to be 57. I'm definitely not giving up on this blog and I think I'll still post some pictures of the crafty things I'm working on; I just need a little break. I need to go for bike rides, eat ice cream, go to the park with friends and neighbors.

The second half of this summer promises to be busy and a little uncertain. So, for now, if you're wondering where I am, just picture me sipping Black Tea with Lemonade, playing hopscotch, and swimming in the lake (assuming it warms up).

I hope all of you are doing some of the same!

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