Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In the last couple of weeks I have learned many important things. Among the highlights are do NOT leave a hospital after abdominal surgery without REALLY going pee. As stupid as you feel having a bunch of doctors and nurses tell you you're fine and all you have to do is pee ... just be honest with yourself. A trickle is not enough and the embarrassment is not worth later going to the ER with more than 2 liters of urine being held captive in your bladder. Honestly, a girl doesn't appreciate peeing until she can't for awhile.

However, on the occasion when my husband would have to stop what we were doing for a bathroom break, it was moderately amusing to look at my Foley Bag and yell, "Peeing is for wusses!"

Only moderately amusing.

Another thing: Just go shopping. They may tell you it's a really easy recovery and you may believe it ... but just make sure there is food in the refrigerator before you have surgery. I had a busy week pre-surgery and cleaning the house and shopping for groceries took second fiddle. Big mistake. It resulted in a week of fast food and a general feeling of slovenly-ness. I go in for a weigh-in today, but I feel pretty certain I have gained back 5 of the pounds I worked so hard to lose. Not to mention how easy it was to justify that I DESERVE that DQ blizzard.

That said, I am back to relatively normal. Thank you all for your encouragement and well-wishes. The last time I posted, I was hoping to have the catheter out that day and I ended up having to have it in for almost another week. Fortunately that is all said and done now. A thing of the past.

And while I was "out," summery weather came in. I didn't feel like crawling, bending, or digging, so I decided to give this Simple Skirt Tutorial a try. I worried it was going to look better on a kid than it does on me ... and it does. The one in the picture below is longer and I'm pretty happy with it. I decided to make another one that went above my knee and I think I'm going to rip it out to try making it a layered simple skirt. This kind of dress just needs more length on an adult.

Anyway, it truly was a simple skirt. It didn't take much more than an hour to make, and it held up last Friday when we all drove to Wisconsin for some exploration and research. I'm pretty sure it will be a warm summer day staple.

Oh, and the picture above was directed by Rosemary. She suggested we stand next to the tree and peek out. She placed me and then herself like she knew what she was doing. My little girl is turning into such a little girl, and I couldn't be more proud.

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