Sunday, October 24, 2010

It is time to knit.

It is no longer possible to hold on to summer. Parting is bittersweet as there are few things as delightful as a Minnesota fall, and yet it's difficult to ignore the nagging return to winter. The leaves turned and peaked quickly. They are now covering the ground, and those who aren't renters are mulching, raking, and bagging. The sky is a more persistent shade of gray and for the last couple of days, a steady rain has fallen from the sky.

It is time to knit.

I truly thought I would continue this newly learned practice through the summer; but once the weather turned warm and my thoughts were on sidewalk chalk, bike rides, ice cream, and sprinklers, my knitting needles snuggled up in the basket not to come out for the rest of the season.

First on my list was a pair of leg warmers for Rosemary. I didn't have a pattern, but whipped these up with some help from the owner of the nearby yarn shop and some friends from my new Stitch-n-Bitch group (we do lots of stitching and very little, if any, of that other thing).

I am pretty sure that sweet girl had no clue what leg warmers were when I started this project, but she could not wait to see them completed and put them on her legs. I wonder how much longer I have before she's completely unexcited about what I have to make for her? As it is, she wears them so proudly and loves to announce to the world that her mommy made them just for her.

There's enough leftover yarn that I am thinking of making a matching pair, perhaps with wider stripes, and wondering if I would ever wear them. Or perhaps I should knit a pair of hand warmers. Or a hat.

Well, whatever it becomes, I'll keep you posted.


  1. Nice job on the leg warmers. I wish I could knit!

  2. Those are adorable!!