Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Presents are Fun to Make

I've been wanting to make this bike bucket all summer. Rosemary's bike already has a basket, and she's pretty attached to it, so I didn't have much reason to ... until we got invited to another birthday party.

It's kind of fun now that Rosemary is of the age to go to friends' birthday parties, because I get to test out all the crafty things that I've been looking for a reason to make. On the other hand, Rosemary's friends get some of my sloppy things - but they're young enough yet not to care too much (or at least somebody else will have a better present that overshadows mine).

So this particular friend, whose mom happens to keep a fun little blog over here, has a daughter who likes to ride a bike. And I noticed her bike didn't have a basket, so my plan was in motion.

Her party was a dragon party; she loves dragons. Being a procrastinator and living in a small town, I could not find any dragon fabric. So I just went with a mix of fabrics with no particular theme.

And, well, here it is. It DEFINITELY looks hand-made. But, it's a basket and it will fit on a bike. I filled it up with a scarf, a pair of funky tights, and some homemade headbands. I hope she likes it!

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