Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Party for a Super Girl.

Rosemary is a big fan of Word Girl, and so when we were talking about a theme for her birthday party, I suggested superheroes. She was all for it. We had big plans for an outdoor BBQ complete with superhero games and villain vaporizing, but as the days grew closer, poor weather seemed imminent. Thus, the hotel pool party was born.

We were incredibly fortunate to find a hotel that rented out a room and allowed use of their pool for very little money (we're talking cheaper than renting a pavilion at a park), and Rosemary had no problem switching from superhero games to superhero swimming. In fact, I think she was thrilled.

In preparation for the party, we decided to make capes for each of the kids who would be there. With this easy no-sew cape tutorial, and a coupon for JoAnn Fabrics, I was able to make the capes for less money than we would have spent on grab bags. I also bought some of that foam paper and made superhero masks.

I thought that the birthday girl needed an extra special cape, so I followed this tutorial and made a pink sparkle cape that Rosemary loved. It was especially cute how she acted like the cape actually made her fly. Here she is wearing it a few days earlier.

I did want to do some sort of superhero party game, so I rigged up a homemade 'pin-the-star-on-Word-girl' game. It was fun, after Rosemary learned to stop peaking ...

Finally (if you ask me, it was the highlight of the night), the birthday girl chose donuts instead of cake. Donuts instead of cake is genius. It is a cake donut after all, and they taste SO MUCH BETTER than cake with frosting. We had them dolled up with pink frosting and sprinkles.

All in all, it was such a fun time! I'm so glad Rosemary has so many wonderful people to celebrate her birthday with.

If any of you are actually interested in throwing a superhero birthday party; if we had been able to have it outside, we would have done some of the games from this kid's party.


  1. Great crafting! Great Party! Great time had by all!

  2. This sounds like such a blast, and I love the party favors you came up with!

  3. So fun! And I love that her favorite is WordGirl. :D

  4. The cape turned out so cute! And a Word Girl party is a great idea - much better than Disney Princess. :)