Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A lion? A bear? An Orca Whale? No ... it's just Rosemary.

As I am writing this post, my daughter is in her bedroom crying a noise that is incredibly reminiscent of an Orca Whale. Awhile ago, I decided to ween little R off of naps, and now I am just completely confused. But this is when the Orca Whale cry began.

She was not going to bed well, at all. I was putting her to bed around 8:30 and she would still be whining and stalling at 10:30. Then one day I decided to keep her up at nap time, and what-d0-you-know, she went to bed without a hitch.

That went swimmingly for awhile, but then she started to ... are you ready for this? She started to ask for a nap on a regular basis. What's a mom to do? Tell a tired 4-year-old she may not sleep? So I've been letting her take naps and I've been experimenting with how long is too long. She'd sleep for 3 hours if I let her. 2 hours seems too long as well. 1 hour makes bedtime easier, but not perfect.

The kicker? With only an hour-long nap, that little girl is a bear. She is whining ALL.THE.TIME. It leaves me counting the seconds until she can go to sleep. Is it naptime yet? Is it bedtime? For the first time in her life, I sent her back to bed this morning. She woke up at 7:30 and more than an hour later, when the whining hadn't stopped, I marched her right back into her room.

With the tone of our house the past few days, it's hard to remember that this incredibly happy girl is behind the whiny facade.

But there she is, the girl who is so completely worth the crankiness. Today there is crankiness on both ends because my husband drank the last of the coffee, and left me alone with a bit of a monster on my hands and ... green tea.

Anyhow, the tutu she is wearing in the above picture is one I made. It simply involves a little bit of elastic and a lot of tulle tied in knots. It is really cute, but I'm not sure she could actually dance or do much in it. It always wants to bunch up in the front. I ended up cutting the length of the tulle by about half of what you see in that picture, but it didn't make a difference.

Is that simply the price I pay for going the no-sew route?


  1. Instead of a nap, could you do 'rest' time? I have several friends who do that - set a timer for a hour or so, and during that time Rosemary can 'rest' in her bed reading or playing quietly. It's worked really well for them.

    The tutu is super cute.

  2. hmmm...the way that I make the tutus for my daughter...cut the tulle about 6 inches wide the roll that some tulle comes on works great for measuring but its about 6 inches and then the legnth of course is the whole yard...then i take the colors say i am doing a brown and pink one well i stack a brown then a pink then a then do the know through think like you did on the one you made and then for the next one i do the opposite pink brown pink and tie it on and so on and so forth and it makes it very full and would keep it from bunching you can evern tie bows and ribbons on them

  3. btw where is says know through think its supposed to say knot through thing sorry!

  4. Sarah, we do rest times some days ... but most of those days she ends up asking if she can go to sleep!

  5. I made a tutu this way also. it's just too long for this type of fabric. That's why they have short tutus when they dance. No room for it to move.
    And do you notice it smells dusty? Or is it just mine? :}