Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visiting Santa

Why is it that Santa's are lame? Why do they do it if they're not going to put their hearts into it? I think the real Santa should do a better job screening his helpers.

Rosemary has actually visited Santa twice this year and, well, this is the best picture we got. Fortunately, she doesn't think either of the Santa's were as lame as her mom did. She has also not (yet) questioned how many times she's seen Santa this year and how different he looks every time.

She is absolutely enamored with the rosie-cheeked man; there are no tears or refusals to sit on his lap. The second time we saw him, he rode into town on a fire truck, and when he got out of the truck, Rosemary busted through the crowd to give him a big hug. Sadly, there was too big of a crowd for a decent picture.

Both times she saw Santa and she asked for a pink flash light. The first time, after the visit, they handed out candy canes. I later overheard her telling somebody, "I asked him for a pink flash light, but he just gave me a candy cane." It was a very similar situation the second time, too.

Fortunately, she's not holding a grudge and can hardly wait to find a pink flashlight under the tree. I sure hope Santa brings one or she just might stop believing.

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