Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to the Upper Midwest.

Life in the Upper Midwest

I could not, could not resist posting this picture. When I saw it last weekend, I forced Joel to pull over so we could capture it. Okay, this is a little further north than I live. But, you get the picture! I have moved into a very new, very different place. One where I can buy a gun, a video game, and some books for my child in the same place.

Also a place where when you walk into a store, you may see Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox salt and pepper shakers (which I could not resist buying). Oh yeah, and you're likely to see a fishing bobber propane tank in random front yards.

Paul and Babe, Salt and PepperA bobber propane tank in somebody's front yard

Although I hope to refrain from growing a mullet (okay, truth be told, I've only seen a handful of mullets so far), I definitely plan to embrace this life while we're living it. Or at least to enjoy all the photo opportunities it presents itself!


  1. priceless. guns and childrens books.

  2. lol. this reminds me of a shopping center in a nearby town that boasted a marquis reading "DONUTS DAYCARE GUNS". what could be better for your kids, right? thank goodness the daycare moved - and just in time. the marquis now reads "DONUTS GUNS ARCHERY"

  3. I sooo want Paul Bunyan salt and pepper shakers!