Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Confessions of an accidental scrapbooker.

I've always had an interest in scrapbooking, but it was before it was called "scrapbooking" and done in a very different way.

For instance, in high school, I scrapbooked on my wall. My mom wouldn't let me paint the wall, but she said I could hang whatever I wanted. I took what she said and ran with it. There was not a single inch of wall on that wall. I hung anything and everything. Pictures from magazines that I liked, photographs, paper that contained my favorite colors, everything I made in graphics class (oh, graphics class, how I miss it!), shrinky dinks, coloring pages, socks, mementos, silverware stolen from restaurants (don't tell anyone), license plates that were no longer being used, and so, so much more.

In my dorm room, I cut out flowers from catalogs and wall papered an entire wall.

Eventually I had to downscale and so I moved it to books. I guess it makes sense that eventually I moved to a more grown-up style and started scrapbooking parts of my life ... but the true, only reason that I started scrapbooking was to reconnect with an old, good friend who I hadn't really talked with in years.

And once you start, you're stuck. So here I am, an accidental scrapbooker. I would not call it a passion - it's something I enjoy doing, but not something I love doing. I mostly love getting together with other friends to scrapbook, and to me, it's more about connecting with friends than getting pictures on a page.

However, Rosemary is almost three and it has been a goal of mine to finish her first year before her third year is over. So here we are.

To be honest, I've been in a crafty slump as it is. You know how it is, there are lots of ideas in my head, but I lack time and mostly motivation to actually do anything ... so it would seem a nice deadline is in order for me anyway. I've got one week left and two more months to go.

I'm hoping this will get my creative juices flowing, because I'd really like to start working on something like this ...

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