Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weed or No Weed: The Update

Originally posted on www.cominguprosemary.com on 10.9.08.

I have the updates to the little game we played early in the growing season. There was one that definitely stumped everyone.

1. Weed

Weed or No Weed

This turned into this:
Weed or no weed?

The more it grew, the more sure I was it was a weed. I kept it there for a little while, just to see. It wasn't anywhere else in my yard and I didn't see any in the neighbors yard (which is full of weeds), so it really had me stumped. I finally decided it was pretty ugly and I was going to get rid of it.

2. Weed

Weed or No Weed

It wasn't creeping charlie; but it was something very much like creeping charlie.

3. Bee Balm

Weed or No Weed

This turned into this:
Bee balm
4. Weed

Weed or No Weed

Shortly after I made the original post, I realized it was everywhere.

5. Daylily

Weed or No Weed

I forgot to take a picture of the mature version of this. But you can see it to the left of the about-to-bloom foxglove:

The foxgloves, about to bloom.

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