Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Originally posted on www.cominguprosemary.com on 9.10.08.

Well, the house of Coming Up Rosemary! is still a little crazy these days. We have been motivated to finish all the projects in our home. So, the kitchen is almost complete, the basement is nearly organized, the bathroom is done (!), and so on and so forth. Oh yeah, and the house is freshly painted with a pretty green instead of an ugly blue. I'll post pictures of all these things soon.

Amidst all the craziness, I have managed to make a few things. I took an old shower curtain and made it into a curtain for our bathroom closet, and I've made a couple of pinafores. I bought the fabric and pattern for the pinafores from this Etsy website and got to work.

Here are a couple of low-quality pictures of the one I made for my god-daughter:

The front: dsc01707.JPG and the back: dsc01708.JPG

I made another one for Rosemary and will post a picture as soon as she wears it. I bought a plain white shirt to go under it, since it has been unseasonably cool these days. And I'm currently making another one for little Keira.

So what I'm saying is, stay tuned for lots of pictures in the future.

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