Monday, January 5, 2009

New Blinds!

Originally posted on on 11.21.07.

We moved into our current house 3.5 years ago. When we moved in, every window in the house minus the kitchen and bathroom windows, was covered with lacy blinds and matching curtains. I went back and forth between thinking they were cute and thinking they were hideous. That indecisiveness aside, they were see-through and covered with years of filth. They had to go.

We replaced the bedroom blinds, left the dining room blinds, and removed the family room blinds. Yep, I just removed them. Before I painted the walls in there, I added a texture to them because the plaster walls were in such terrible shape, there were little other options. It was a messy project and the blinds needed to go. I couldn't bear to hang them back up and thought it would be motivation for me to get out there and pick something out.

Nothing doing. We went three years without replacing them! The school kids waiting for their bus probably had a jolly time watching us get ready for work in the morning, neighbors got to watch us eat dinner - basically, we've been very visible. Well, last night we finally got some blinds! And ... I'm not sure if I like them. Perhaps I just need some time to get used to the change? But I'm seeking the opinion of The Internet. Getting different blinds is not an option (nor do I think it's the answer), but do I need something else? A drape? One of those things that just hangs around the top of a window? Because the walls are so busy with texture, I've wanted to keep the blinds simple. But maybe this is too simple?

Bear with me, I had to take a lot of pictures because the archway wasn't allowing me to get a good picture of the whole room.

This is Joel and Rosemary. I've never really thought they looked alike, but they sure do have the same expression going!


This is the other end of the room, the fireplace and "mantle."


This next picture is the north wall, these are the only windows (minus the piano windows, which don't have blinds) in the room.


This last picture is the best attempt I could get at the whole room. As you can see, Owen really thought he should be in the photos. Actually, he was really concerned about the fact that he couldn't see out the windows!


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