Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poetry & Permanence

A dear friend of mine* chooses words for her years. Like you and I and the rest of the world set goals and make resolutions for a new year, she chooses a set of words to guide her through each day. Each year I have watched in admiration, and this year I am going to join in. Poetry and Permanence are my 2014 words.

Poetry was a younger passion of mine, and is something that has floated away with responsibilities, speed, and age. As time flies, poetry took a back shelf and then a tightly sealed box. In the past few months, I've been unpacking that box and would like more of it in my life. Literally, I would like to read more poems, remember more poetry, and put more words into writing. Figuratively, I would like to recognize the poetry around me, breathe it in, and let it be a part of my life.

Permanence is a word that I have chosen because there is a restlessness in my heart which I would like to settle this year. I have moved, I have changed, I have moved some more, and I have changed some more. I may be moving and changing throughout my life. I see glimmers of hope when it comes to placing deep and lasting roots, but nothing is yet certain. I want a feeling of permanence deep within my soul, peace that will likely come from prayer and simply getting out of my own head. 

These two words for me are so deeply entwined, and help to fill me with joy and anticipation for what the future has to offer. Ready or not 2014, here I come!

*Believe it or not, I have never met this friend in real life, but I have known her since high school when I decided to embrace the way the Internet was going to connect the world. Imagine how many kindred spirits our parents and grand-parents were unable to meet without the Internet!

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