Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh, Heavenly Snow Day!

This wonderfully snowy weekend was topped off with a snow day Monday. Both the child and I get the day off as a result and I am just giddy with the glistening white, and the busy neighborhood kids making the most of this day.

Yesterday we picked out and cut down our tall, skinny Christmas tree (my favorite kind! I like a little Charlie Brown effect) and Rosemary dragged the whole thing back to the barn. Tell me she's really not old and strong enough to do that!

We made snow angels.

And later, Joel and Rosemary built a pretty cool fort. Don't be deceived by the blades of grass you see below, we ended up getting almost double what you see in the pictures.

Today all the neighborhood kids had fun destroying the fort and frolicking about. I am working on my 2nd batch of caramels and am about to sit down to work on a knitting project. It's a good life.

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