Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Collection of Whimsies

Things that made me smile.

1. This teacher gift idea. (But think I'm probably going to make this ... since I'm a procrastinator and there are 4 days left of school.)
2. This thoughtful post.
3. This plaid dress.
4. This free sewing pattern.
5. A not-tacky hot air balloon mobile? Yes, please (you may not know my mom was once a pilot).
6. Perfect family placematsto do yourself.
7. Make your own sidewalk paint. Just in time for summer.
8. Saw this painting at the MIA and would really like it for my own.
9. This is my kind of bracelet.
10. Oooh, I just saw this teacher gift and I think it's perfect!


  1. My Dad also used to have a balloon. What fun memories I have chasing that thing through fields and of course seeing the world from above.