Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Long-Awaited, Highly Anticipated Knitting Weekend

Sometime last July, the lovely lady on the left of the photo below had the incredible idea of hosting a knitting retreat at her cabin, which is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for a knitting retreat. Ever since the first mention of this, our fabulous knitting group has been counting down the days and minutes. I'm afraid it ended up being a ton of work for her, but boy-oh-boy was it a perfect weekend!

It was personally therapeutic for me to know that even though I moved, I know I'll stay in good touch with the amazing friends that I made during my short time in Central Minnesota. I cannot say enough that we met some really great people while we lived there. 

Needless to say that before the move I didn't have a clue how to make something out of needles and yarn. Thanks to this group, I am currently knitting myself a sweater! The green yarn below is the sweater and the pink yarn is an experiment in cabling, and if it turns out okay, it will be a Christmas present. 

It was such a good time getting things done, taking naps, visiting, eating. We seriously ate like kings and queens. There were baked goods, homemade floutas, homemade enchiladas, a venison stew, dips, espressos, desserts. I cannot believe I didn't photograph any of the food! It was too good, I guess, to pause for a picture. 

This knitting fool, below, made crepes that - I'm not kidding - gave me goosebumps when I ate them! I'm planning to ask her for the recipe and am thinking I need to repeat the amazing crepes experience for Christmas brunch.

I almost forgot to mention my beautiful yoga instructor friend (on the left) who led us all in a relaxing Sunday morning carpal-tunning improving time of exercise.


I feel so incredibly blessed to have a weekend like this. I suppose doing this every weekend would be too much?


  1. ah. a perfect weekend. I am trying not to be jealous. :)

  2. Did Grandma Divine knit you as many sweaters as she did me? Knitting always reminds me of her and this post made me think of the white sweater with sea-foam green bow knitted into it. It had a matching sea-foam green skirt to go with it. I was obsessed with it

  3. I don't see where I'm supposed to like it.

    Dumb mother

  4. It was great seeing so many familiar faces in the pictures. I am glad you all had such a great time. I do miss seeing a lot of you on a weekly basis. CB