Friday, October 28, 2011


Do you ever just get so overwhelmed with life that you can't bring yourself to do much of anything? I have so much that I want to do right now and so much that I should do right now, that I find sometimes it's easier to just do nothing at all. I think it's okay to go through stages like this in life, but I worry that if I don't get out of this funk it is going to be a long, hard Minnesota winter (except I live in Wisconsin now, don't I?).

I have a lot of things I would like to sew, but my sewing machine just hasn't been calling my name. I got it all set up and managed to make a mermaid costume for R to wear for Halloween (a la 733's tutorial), but as soon as the costume was maid, the sewing machine went back under the cover.

I have this pattern and all the fabric (except I am not exactly sure where all of my fabric is at the moment ... I am sure it would take me less than 10 minutes to find it, but the fact that I don't know where it is keeps me in procrastination mode) for this skirt:

And I definitely want to make some of these for Christmas:

(found at Retro Mama)

I have been so inspired by all the cross-stitching projects that I see on pinterest. In elementary and high school, I was a cross-stitching fool and I'd love to relearn the craft.

(found here)

I have been knitting. I'm making the Tea Leaves Cardigan for myself. Last spring I made one for Rosemary, and now I'd like to be her twin.

I'm also knitting some baby presents, but I won't post those yet. Next week I'm going to a very long awaited knitting retreat.

And cooking. I finally found an apple pie recipe that I can trust and love. The Lovely Sarah gave it to me and it can be found here. I also made Smitten Kitchen's Honey Apple Challah and Apple Cake like I said I would.

So I guess I have been doing more than nothing. I've been reading like crazy as well, visiting old and older friends. Why do I feel so stinking lazy? It must be because I have still have so much I want to do and so much I should do.

I'd really love to get my blog looking awesome. I'd love to start substitute teaching again. I'd love to make some friends and have some dinner parties. I'd love to make this totally-not-our-style rental feel more like a real home. 

Maybe all I need is a Vitamin D supplement and then I wouldn't feel so lazy anymore? And maybe I'd be better able to get my thoughts in order and write a post that wouldn't be quite so random ...


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  1. You've just described my normal state of being - always doing something, yet feel I have so much more to do! I guess it keeps life from being dull...

    I love your blog.