Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Whether I like it or not, winter is upon us. There is snow on the ground, covering a layer of ice. Hats and mittens are now a necessary accessory, and this morning I pulled over to help push a car (with absolutely NO tread on its tires) up a very small hill. My knitting needles have seen lots of action - first, leg warmers for Rosemary, then a scarf for my mom, and now mittens for Rosemary.

The mittens are the most intricate items I have ever knitted and I have this to say: for a first pair of mittens, they're pretty good; but they definitely look like a first pair of mittens.

Christmas carols are ringing, my feet are happy in slippers, the tea kettle whistles often. I seem to be embracing a season I have dreaded since the end of last winter. I love the change of seasons, but last winter seemed marked an end to a season of my life that I was happy to say goodbye to, and I wasted a good amount of time worrying it would come back.

I’m beginning to realize that even though financial woes continue, infertility issues remain, there’s a light at the end of a very long tunnel and I don’t anticipate that light growing dark. I think I could be hit with a lot at this point in my life (though I’d really prefer not to) and it wouldn’t hurt as hard as it did a couple of years ago. I have less, I think I know less, I need less, I want less, and at the core of my being I feel so … happy.

There are moments like tonight where nothing particular is happening, but I feel butterflies in my stomach and tears well up in my eyes. I am learning to accept the little pleasures and appreciate the fleeting moments, and I truly believe it’s the greatest lesson one can learn. I still forget sometimes. But on days like this, when I remember, I feel like I am the most blessed in the world.


  1. I love those mittens.

    I wish I had a pair of fingerless gloves since my hands are ALWAYS cold.

  2. Very well said. A lovely post. And the mittens are great!

  3. I adore those mittens!

    As for the last two paragraphs...


  4. The mittens turned out great! I forgot to tell you last night, if you change your mind about driving you guys are more than welcome to come for Thanksgiving. We'll have more than enough food and Sean has decided to stay home with us!
    AND, I loved your post!

  5. I admire and strongly agree with your frame of mind! Happy THanksgiving!