Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yet another summer recap.

With summer coming to an end, we have been very busy. I am a little sad that the super hot days are coming to an end, beach trips may be out of the question for the next three seasons, winter is impending. But I'm looking forward to the start of preschool, wearing sweaters and pants, being less tempted to eat ice cream, and snuggling under blankets.

This is what we've been up to for the last few weeks.

We've been camping and fishing.

Playing with goats at the fair.

Visiting local fairs, including one where Joel got to be in the dunk tank (and we got to dunk him)!

Making this shirt.

To wear to this game.

Target Field is awesome.

Spending time with Nana (and Papa, and Mooey, and Grandpa, and Babba, and all the 'rents/in-laws).

And, just trying to enjoy some family time.

Now ... bring on the down time!


  1. Adorable top!

    (And I love your banner at the top too.)

  2. You'll have to wear that shirt when I wear my skirt. ;)

    I love it!