Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're headed to a Pirate Party!

And so I made ... monsters.

First, I made this wallet. It's definitely a little on the big side; I hope it's not too girly. Making things for a boy is not my expertise! There is a website out there that gives instructions for this. I didn't save it and don't have time to look it up. It's pretty easy ... I don't think the instructions are really necessary.

Next, I made this monster doll. Are 5-year-old boys too old for monster dolls?

Turning it into a pirate was not my original intention. I started thinking it was maybe a little babyish, then I remembered it was a pirate party ... so hopefully the bandana and eye patch age it up a bit?

Here he is with the eye patch flipped up.

It was SUPER easy to make, and a good use of the TONS of felt that I have on-hand. I will definitely be making more monster gifts in the future. But, be honest ... is 5 a little too old for this?


  1. Ha! I love monster toys.
    I have no idea if a 5 year old boy is too old for it, but I can tell you in 4 years. ;)

  2. I don't know about a 5 year old but Jack thinks it's pretty cool.


  3. These look great! My 3 year old just yelled "I want one!"

  4. I know my kid would like ti and he's almost 7. Then again, he takes anything that I make and makes me feel special. Love them love them... I've been wanting to try monsters for some time. The toothy purse is funny.