Saturday, October 17, 2009


My creative little Rosemary was looking at picture of Halloween costumes on the internet with me and decided that she wanted to be a grocery bag. I am sure if I had given her the option of being a princess, she would have held on to that and not turned back. However, she is a princess almost every waking moment of every single day, so I was wanting to encourage her in a different direction. I thought maybe she could be a cupcake, but the kid WANTS TO BE A GROCERY BAG.

I'm actually quite proud of her.

So, I've been winging it on a grocery bag. I made one out of felt and I'll post pictures soon. I've also been making a bunch of felt vegetables to fill the grocery bag. I tried to find free patterns on the internet, and I did find some good ones. However, I did have to buy some patterns from Umecrafts on Etsy.

So far I have made a tomato, a squash, and a bunch of strawberries. I'll post more details soon.

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