Monday, January 5, 2009

Love me some hair clips!

Originally posted on on 12.4.07.

We bought Rosemary an out-of-control cute Christmas dress. I would post a picture, but I can't find one on the internet, so you'll have to wait until I actually take a picture. It has a large, brown, gerbera-style daisy on the front of it and I decided I needed to find a hair clip that matched it. Well, I couldn't (I could have made one, but again that issue of time). I searched my favorite site ever and although I wasn't able to find something that matched EXACTLY, I found something pretty good.

And then I bought some Christmas presents for every little girl I know. I mean, these are adorable. They are my favorite alligator-clip style, which basically means they stay in little kid hair really well. She lines the top and bottom with a high-quality velvet ribbon. It looks beautiful, but I prefer it without that lining. My daughter has a ton of hair, but it's very thin and the clips stay in better when they're unlined. For my own hair, however, I'd prefer the lining because my hair is thick enough to hold it and I think it's gentler on my hair. Not a problem, she'll line it or leave it unlined, depending on your preferences.

Oh, and the bow Rosemary will be donning this Christmas?


I know it's not a Christmas color, per say (and she does have an awful lot of cute Christmas clips!). But it's gonna be pretty cute.

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