Thursday, January 8, 2009

kitchen pictures, as promised

Originally posted on on 3.14.08.

I didn't actually take "before" pictures. So, the best I can do is to show you some previous pictures that just happen to have been taken in the kitchen ...

Here is our sink/dishwasher area:


The stove. Above it is the microwave an some cabinets, to the left is the refrigerator:


And finally, you can kind of see the windows, the dishwasher, the hideous vinyl flooring, and a little bit of the hutch. I know I have a picture of the hutch, but I think it must be saved on a different computer. I spent wayyyy too much time looking for it. I'll post it later if I find it:


You also get to see really muddy Owen. :P

Now, here is the kitchen as it is today:




We plan to get new counter-tops, flooring, and at least a new dishwasher and oven. Obviously we have to paint the walls and put glass (or something) in the hutch area.

I'm really open to color ideas, as I don't seem to have any ...

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