Monday, January 5, 2009


Originally posted on on 12.14.07.

For my birthday, I asked for this really cute elephant painting ... and actually got it! I'd post a link to it, but it no longer seems to be on the internet. (On my "To Do" list - take a picture.) The painting was my inspiration for the office/turned spare room/turned play room, which we recently painted blue and brown. I don't have a picture yet (has something to do with our whole family getting the flu, having a sleepover in the spare bedroom because it's closest to the bathroom, and needing to wash every last thing that resides in there ...), but I think it's greatly lacking.So, I kind of want to paint an elephant on the wall. Does anyone know what that kind of thing does for the resale value of a house? Here are some elephant ideas ... taken from Etsy, of course.

found here

found here

found here

What do you think?

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